Powered by Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) operated using network EVM consensus with real time transaction validation.

3rd Generation Blockchain with low transaction, real time transactions, nodes, and x-chain use power of AI which makes it superior performance than any of existing blockchain. it’s a powerful ecosystem that enables the creation of new, decentralized applications, and empowers developers to build the next generation of dApps. Chain-X give you opportunity to go a crypto next level.

What is X-Chain?

X-Chain Network is compatible with ETH.

Connecting X-Chain Network to Ethereum Chain, we have true interoperability.

Scalability is the differential in the X-Chain network More transactions per second (TPS) Cheaper transaction cost, Faster finality ,Interoperability. Buy and Sell X-Chain Tokens on ETH with 0 fees on pancakeswap after launch.

Main Features

Let Our Features for Us


X-Chain is Building to making it suitable blockchain for next level, handle a high volume of transactions, and very low latency.


Blockchain concensus mechanism to ensure the security and integrity of transactions, making it extremely difficult for hackers to tamper with the data on the blockchain.


X-Chain is built on a sustainable architecture that reduces energy consumption , you only need mobile or computer to explore every blockchain transactions


offers users a high level of privacy through the use of smart contracts that execute transactions without revealing information. This makes us a more secure and private company than traditional centralized systems.


Developers can create decentralized applications using a wide variety of programming languages, thus contributing to the development of the ecosystem as a whole.


Through our interface, many individuals and companies will be able to safely develop and invest in the best platform today.


Strategy & Roadmap

Welcome to the primary Roadmap for product launch.

Phase 1


Website Launch, Building Community, AMA Channels, X-Chain Testnet, Pinksale Fairlaunch, Certik

Phase 2


X-Chain Blockchain - Staking, Plataform Launch, Dex Launch

Phase 3


Listed on Global CEX, Developers Rewards

Phase 4


X-Chain Link With Other Blockchains, More Partnerships


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Dividends Token Offer Crypto Dividends For a Holders, Give High Returns for Your Investments, Buy and Hold X-Chain And Start Earning Now


Partnership Youtubers, and AMA Channels


Solid Proof




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